Yacht Itineraries Indonesia

Find your yacht adventure within the Indonesian Archipelago.

Life is all about adventures and capturing precious moments. Yacht Charter
Indonesia takes you on a journey and helps create these special moments and
captures your dream holiday.

Our wide range of itineraries meets everyones wishes. Whether you just want an
ultimately luxurious getaway from your busy life, precious family time, share an
adventure with friends or go diving tot he max, we, at Yacht Charter Indonesia
are able to offer you all this and more. Itineraries can be created in order to offer
you everything you wish for on your journey.

The yachts are all specially designed to meet your needs. Ultimate luxury is
offered on private yachts with only one or two cabins. These yachts are available
to those who seek absolute privacy. Beautiful wooden ships with cosy corners
and lounge areas for your whole family to enjoy time together and explore.
These are fully equipped with watersports gear, there will even be a scuba diving
school onboard. Yachts that are especially designed and fully equipped for
professional diving offer space for large groups of divers. These modern and
comfortable ships have foto stations onboard.

Most exclusive way to explore Indonesia

Exiting routes are carefully constructed in order to show you not only the
highlights, but will also take you off the beaten track. We offer you the best
scuba diving experience ever, show you incredible wonders of nature and
introduce you to cultures unknown.

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