Life is all about adventures, activities and capturing precious moments. At Yacht Charter Indonesia we love to take you on this journey to create the kind of special memories you will savor forever.

Our guests are looking for a luxurious getaway or to celebrate a special occasion with the family. Or maybe share an adventure together with friends or visit bucket-list dive-sites. Whatever the destination or itinerary, we all have favorite activities in mind for our trip. Highlighted below are the six top activities to give you a glimpse of what a yacht charter holiday in Indonesia looks like. DO remember that the best trips don’t stop with one activity, but a combination!

Selecting the perfect yacht to enjoy these activities is crucial. Please contact us for assistance. We love to tell you more about the boats and their ability to accommodate your favorite activities.

Top Activities for Yachting in Indonesia

1. Yachting/Sailing

The yachts are all specifically designed to meet the needs of unique luxury. These beautiful wooden vessel (pinisis) with cosy corners and enough space are a traditional way to explore the Indonesian waters. They are the perfect boats to yacht and sail between islands and inlets.

2. Diving/Snorkeling

Indeed, diving is very often on top of the list. And of course for those curious about the under water world, snorkeling or free diving is a fantastic way to get glimpse. The destinations are perfect for those eager to explore by the underwater world of Indonesia. Most yachts are equipped with professional diving equipment and enough space for a large group of divers. Besides Dive Masters, some even a Scuba Diving school onboard. In this case you would essentially diving from the complete comfort of a modern atmospheric ship at bucket-list dive sites.

3. Water Sports

Almost all (pinisi) yachts in Indonesia have a variety of water sport attributes on board. For example items such as, paddle boards, kayaks, waterskiing, surfboards or underwater scooters. Too many to mention here, so enquire with us about the options.

4 & 5. Exploring: Bird watching & Land excursions

Some yachts have experience with bird watching and land excursions. The captains know what to find and most importantly where. In other words, explore the most beautiful remote islands for spectacular birdlife and stunning scenery.

6. Holidaying

Sometimes we just want to chill. You’re on holiday, so just relax. Enjoy a massage, fine dining, the stunning views along your journey. Last but not least, don’t forget about the good company!

Special mention: Photography

To capture our experiences we use photo & videography in most of the activities. For example, under-water photography and on bird watching excursions. Ask about the yachts that have experience with photography.

When your favorite activity isn’t listed? Most yachts host many activities that are not listed here. When making a yacht charter enquiry, tell us what you are looking for. Yacht Charter Indonesia can recommend the yachts that can accommodate your activity. Finally, it is not uncommon to make special arrangements ensuring all necessities are on the chartered yacht.

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