A Komodo Cruise will bring you to the most magnificent snorkelling spots and land sights in the famous Komodo National Park.

Take a break to snorkel the crystal clear waters of this UNESCO world heritage site. Admire colourful coral gardens, schools of fishes and large Manta Rays. Visit Rinca or Komodo Island to meet the park’s famous inhabitants – the Komodo Dragons. Quite remarkably, the national park is the only place in the world where you can see these creatures in their natural habitat. In addition, a lot of other wildlife are waiting for you to be spotted. For example, wild buffaloes, deers and the flying foxes of Kalong Island. Another highlight is the stop on one of the few pink beaches our planet has to offer. Take photos and keep memories while on top of the National Parks’ breathtaking viewpoints. Komodo is a Cruising Destination not only intended for Scuba Divers! A huge number of Marine Life can be found in the first 5 meters and there are many other highlights of Komodo that does not require diving. Join Barefoot Yachts for a Scheduled Cruise or a Private Komodo Yacht Charter for groups of friends and family. Starting and ending points of the Komodo Island Cruise is Labuan Bajo Harbour.

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