Maritime Southeast Asia is renowned for its spectacular marine biodiversity, a natural phenomenon which, as one of the area’s major attractions, lures the best and most experienced divers in the world to its shores.

We provide ideal vessels from which to explore these locations and their PADI diving centre’s caters for all levels of divers from the most advanced to beginners (including the possibility of completing PADI certification) with PADI instructors On most vessels a nitrox compressor is available and additional dive guides/masters will be arranged to accommodate specific needs.

In this region diving and snorkelling, conditions are good all year round with visibility ranges between 15-30 metres. The climate has diffused seasons, none particularly dry or rainy, with high humidity and the occasional tropical shower are the norm. Water temperature is a constant 28 or 29 degrees Celcius; in short, perfect!

Whether the reward of a truly challenging dive is what you seek or whether you are content to drift idly through exquisite underwater vistas, you can be quite certain that the vessels team will provide your best diving experience ever. When the day is done there’s no long drive home, you will simply relax out on deck under the stars, regaling your friends with the day’s adventures. We call it luxury diving, and there is nothing quite like it!!

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