Yacht Charter Indonesia:

  • Q.What is a Yacht Charter?
    A Yacht Charter is a reservation of a yacht for private use only. All cabins on board are available, and the crew at your service at all times. Prior to your charter trip itineraries will be open consulted and custom made to your specific wishes. Your choice of destinations will be included in the route. Your choice of menu’s and activities are prepared, and organised, in consultation with the crew. A Charter is hiring your private yacht and crew, sailing your tailor made route.
  • Q.What is a Cabin Cruise?
    A Cabin Cruise means booking a cabin on a scheduled Yacht Cruise. Itineraries are fixed and designed to serve a group of guests. Most of the quoted prices in our Cabin Cruise programme are based on single use of a cabin. If you are travelling alone it is also possible to book a shared cabin. If you prefer a private cabin, don’t hesitate to contact us for further inquiries regarding possibilities and prices. Our team will assist you in selecting the best options to fit your personal preferences.
  • Q.What is the best Season for Sailing in Indonesia?
    The Indonesian Archipelago has great weather all year round as it lies on the Equator. In general, the yachts look for the best sea conditions. Komodo islands and surroundings offer the best conditions between April and September, whereas Raja Ampat and Cenderawasih are best visited from October till March. Most yachts also sail from crossing to crossing between the Spice Islands of Ambon&Banda Sea and the idyllic islands Alor & Nusa Tenggara. Please visit our Destination page for detailed imformation or chose one of our set itineraries.
  • Q.What is the Indonesian Archipelago?
    Indonesia consists of over 17.000 islands. All these islands and their surrounding waters are called the Indonesian Archipelago. There is no better way of exploring this stunning and unique destination than by sialing with Yacht Charter Indonesia.
  • Q.Where in Indonesia can you Cruise, and Sail with a Yacht?
    As the whole of Indonesia is surrounded by water, you can basically travel everywhere depending on seasons and seaconditions. The yachts we represent  travel set routes, it is however possible to alter routes. Repositioning fees may be applicable. Please discover Indonesia’s most popular sailing destinations here.
  • Q.What does an Indonesian Yacht look like?
    Phinisi is the name fort he traditional yachts sailing in Indonesia. Phisini yachts, also called Schooner, have 2 masts and are completely built from iron wood. Up untill today these vessels are still crafted in Indonesia. The Phinisi was originally designed to sail trade routes but is nowadays used for luxury yacht charter. Cruising on a Phinisi is a extraordinary experience nowhere else to be found but here in Indonesia.
  • Q.Are the Yachts Child Friendly?
    Families with children of all ages are welcome to inquire with us. The boats we represent have been frequently visited by families with children and the crew will be ready to assist. Depending on the age of the children we will recommend the most suitable boats keeping in mind facilities such as: closed living space, parent bedroom, playroom etc.

Yachting Activities Indonesia:

  • Q.What Activities are part of Yachting in Indonesia?
    The activities offered while sailing in Indonesia are an important part of this wonderful experience. There are a great number of activities possible while on board one of our yachts. Indonesia Sailing Cruise includes: scuba diving, snorkeling, water sports like; skiing/boarding, kayaking and surfing. We also offer fine dining on deserted beaches and uninhibited islands, as well as yoga and massages to create your perfect holliday. Please find detailed information on our activity pages.
  • Q.Will you spend time on the Yacht only or also on land?
    All yachts we represent have tenders, some have kayaks, sub boards etc. There are always possibilities to go ashore and explore. We also offer organized excursions on the islands, such as:
    • Komodo Dragon experience on Komodo and Rinca Islands.
    • Hiking to the highest point on Padar Island to overlook the Komodo area.
    • Hiking deep into the rainforest to get a glimpse of the Bird of Paradise.
    • Dinner and BBQ on pristine white deserted beaches.
    • Visit villages and meeting the locals. And much more…
    When booking a Private Yacht Charter you will have endless possibilities to make your holiday a perfect one. Together with the crew we will create the itinerary of your choice.
  • Q.Is there Diving Equipment on Board and is Diving included?
    Indonesia has the most dive sites in the world and many experienced dive instuctors work in this area. Diving is by far the most popular yachting activity. All the yachts have diving equipment on board. On most yachts the use of diving equipment and refilling of tanks is included. Some yachts offer equipment with a surcharge, this information is clearly stated on the yacht pages.
  • Q.Can we Dive without Certification?
    If you want to try diving for the first time or are not yet certified you can do Discovery Scuba Dives. On most yachts this will be possible, a Padi instuctor must supervise 1 on 1 and the medical Padi questionare is compulsory. This must be requested in advance and may involve extra charges depending on availability and/or occupancy of the yacht. Please note Padi courses can be followed on board most yachts as well. Do not hesitate to inform about diving possibilities so you are well aware of what we have to offer.

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