Forgotten Islands

This large region, administratively part of the Moluccas islands, is a long chain of islands — and reefs- ranging from Timor to West Papua, following the Sunda Islands. Outlying urban centers, these «forgotten islands» remained largely isolated from the rest of Indonesia and the world. They also form the boundary of the Wallace line: this transition region between the floras and faunas of Eastern in one side and Australian’s on the other.

These remote islands being — because of their exposure to waves and vagues- accessible to scuba diving liveaboard only during calm intermonsoon periods, scuba divers are rare and many sites are still waiting to be overdrafts. The variety of dives is important: large reefs lost in the sea on island arc with the inside presence of pelagic species (including hammerhead sharks in autumn in the Ring of Fire ), macro on the islands Wetar and Babar , steep walls covered with black corals teeming jacks and napoleons on the islands of Watubela, barracudas and other pelagic species on islands Sermata.

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